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Dark clouds covered the night sky, mercilessly pelting the mountain range below with heavy rain and strong winds that made the sky as violent as rolling sea waves. Lightning lit the clouds in brilliant yet frightening streaks of blue light leaving loud thunder in their wake that seemed to echo far across the land. no reasonable creature would dare go out in such a weather, except for a determined golden dragon mother carrying her precious egg.

She looked behind her to the two dragons chasing her, one was a lime green dragon and the other was ebony, each of their faces held fierce, deadly intent on the pursuit. She looked to her egg, making sure she was holding it tightly against the weather in both of her front talons but not too tightly that would endanger it of being cracked. The egg, when another lightning bolt streaked the clouds, was a metallic gold color that shined as if polished, which was an odd color for any dragon egg which were usually dark or dull colors, it was its unique shell coloring was why the dragons was after her, their leader wanted it at any cost, for what she didn't know, but she definitely didn't want to find out.

A sudden large gust of wind blew against her, almost losing her balance and felling to the ground along with dropping the egg. After correcting herself into flying back straight, she realized that the wind pushed her closer to the two pursuing dragons. The ebony dragon saw his opportunity and flapped both his wings hard to spearhead towards her with his green companion following behind him. The dragon mother flapped her wings as hard as she could just as the ebony dragon was close enough to grab her tail. She was able to outrun them for awhile, but she knew they were going to catch up to her with the storm winds against her. She decided to slow down enough letting the two dragons to just barely reach her, then at the last moment, she suddenly dived down toward the mountain floor, causing the dragons to shoot past her when they realized her trick then followed her into the narrow canyon network between the mountains.

The golden dragon flew through the deep canyon, avoiding rock pillars and other rock formations, her lithe frame allowed her to move through the canyon with ease while the two dragons, with their bulkier builds, had some difficulty flying through the obstacles, but were still catching up. She flew under a weak stone arch, that connected both sides of the canyon, winging a loose bolder on one side, causing it to collapse. Both the green and black dragon were hit by raining boulders as it slammed their bodies to the ground, though this only slowed them down. She took this chance to fly back upward to the nearest mountain and flew around behind it out of sight from the dragons as they started to get up from the rubble.

She landed on a cliff near the peak of the mountain she chose, still holding her egg close to her chest, as her talons touched the wet snow on the cliff that was washing away from the rain. The cliff had no plant life save a lone, bare tree with small icicles hanging from its branches, slowly melting from the pelting rain. The washed snow revealed the tree roots digging into the stone that crawled higher and thinner into the mountain side.

The dragon found that the thinner roots grew over an opening hole in the mountain, large enough for the egg, after pulling them away. She placed the egg gently in the stone pocket then recovering the hole with the roots as best she could, stepping back if it hid well enough. When she decided it was good enough, she looked to the sky if the other dragons were near before flying back up.

Though the sky was still blanketed with dark storm clouds, the winds and rain was slowly dying out and the thunders growing distant. She flew away from the cliff, trying to get enough distance away from it so that when the dragons find her again they would be at least away from the hiding spot.

Not after a few wing beats from the mountain, she was tackled in a blur of green scales. Taken off guard, she slammed into another mountain side then rolled uncontrollably down the rocky backdrop in a small avalanche. Finally stopping herself and semi-covered in fallen rocks, the green dragon landed hard on her, forcing her head down with his sharp talons and using his body weight to pin her to the ground, equally green eyes glaring down at her, silently daring her to move, as the ebony dragon landed next to her soon after.

"You gave us quite the chase for someone who spends her time in the royal chambers" he said in a deep, threatening voice, his red eyes also glaring with a deadly menace at her.

"There are things you or your master don't know about my family" she said in defiance, glaring at he ebony dragon with hatred for chasing her, threatening her and her unborn child's life, and for destroying her kingdom. The green dragon dug in his sharp talons, piercing deeper into her scales, for her defiance, but she ignored it and continued to glare at the ebony dragon.

"It would have been easier if you and your foolish mate just given the egg, then the destruction of your home could have been avoided" the ebony dragon said in a matter-of-fact tone. When he noticed the egg wasn't with her, leaning his head closer to her, his lips spread into a low, menacing snarl, showing off his sharp teeth "Where is the egg"

"Where you'll never find it" she snarled back, wanting to take a bite at the dragon, but the green one still had its talon pressing on her head made it impossible.

The ebony dragon leered at the reluctant gold one, figuring how to get her to talk. Until it came to him. But he couldn't do it here.

"Well, we have ways for breaking strong willed individuals like you, then we'll know everything" he gave a smirk in anticipation, he seen the how different dragons were when they went through the procedure, the results were astounding. The gold dragon didn't know what the ebony was thinking, but she suspect it required her to endure great pain.

The green dragon then racked the membrane of her wings, painfully tattering them with holes, so she couldn't fly away. She saw that the ebony took one of the fallen stone "We will know where the egg is" he examined the rock in his talons as if checking the freshness of a fruit "even if we have to pick your brain for it" he lifted the rock high then brought it down. All she felt was a quick, hard pain and only saw darkness as her captors carried her unconscious body away from the mountains, away from her lonely egg.

Not realizing that the hole was deeper than it looked.


A lone black dragon slept inside his lonely dark cave, his body slowly moving up and down with each steady breaths. His cave was dark and damp, made of cold, hard stone, stalagmites rose from the cave floor and ceiling, forming odd shapes from years of weathering and erosion. The cave dug into a large mountain near the peak, though not the tallest mountain, was still capped with snow and overlooked from the mountain cliffs to the thick forest below that cleared into vast, hilly plains. 

The cave was quiet save for the steady patter of water falling from the ceiling stalagmites and the cave mouth from the storm that now finally cleared, but quiet and peaceful all the same. The dragon was too sound asleep to notice that a golden egg was rolling down a step of stones making small tapping noises, then rolling over next to his sleeping form. Only abruptly snorting once from the sudden touch of the egg but then returned to steady breathing.  
The Dragon Hatchling
Hope you enjoy the story :)
It's been a looooooong time since I've uploaded anything here😮 I've just been doing a lot of things (though it hadn't stopped me from checking recent uploads on DA) I'm planning on uploading more artwork in the future it's just the problem for me is finding inspiration and having confidence in my own drawing skills to do so (I don't have any digital artwork tools, so I'm forced to use my laptop's touch pad while using DA's muro😒)

I am also planning on uploading some literature stories I've been working on the side, though they're still in a "development" stage with constant changes and whatnot, but I've always wanted to share them.

For those who are leaving me messages on my profile, please don't get offended by my unresponsiveness, I don't usually check my message board often if not ever, I really do appreciate your supporting comments😄


Jordan Lee
United States
I like to read a lot-some being chapters but mostly comics, I also like to listen to a lot of music, I would sometimes like to draw but suck at it, only able to draw something good like once a year, and I really like art designs as long as they look good to me

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